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We are a 21st century Branding and Marketing agency geared at using digital technology and the influence of effective brand presentation to put our clients in front and center of the right audience in order to drive massive customers.

Our Approach to Marketing is Centered Around Connecting, Engaging, Learning & Growing With Your Users

Video Ads

video advertising enriches every stage of the consumer journey, which ultimately results in increased engagement and traffic for a brand.


The growing popularity in wearables offers two huge advantages to marketers: First, it opens the door to a heightened level of data that can used by marketers to better understand their population base. Second, it also gives marketers a brand new platform on which to engage with their customers. Together, the emergence of wearable tech presents an excellent opportunity to marketers.

Social Messaging Apps

Mobile messaging apps have increasingly become popular and serve as an alternative to text messaging. A few of these apps include: Facebook Messengers, WhatsApp and Kik. Marketers are learning to adapt to these changes by finding ways to interact with consumers through these apps.

Ephemeral Marketing

Marketers are starting to realize the potential of using fleeting media messaging apps, such as Snapchat and Periscope, as an effective way to reach potential customers. The suite of features these types of apps offer allow marketers more opportunity and creative leniency to develop engaging campaigns. Ephemeral marketing — also known as temporary social media — gives those who use it intelligently a huge advantage over those who don’t in the increasingly fast-moving digital marketplace.

Our Awesome Team

Ila Bappa Ibrahim

Ila Bappa Ibrahim

Founder/Creative Director

A Computer Scientist, Idea Incubator,

Blog Enthusiast, Digital Graphics Freelancer.

Maryam Ado

Maryam Ado

Head of Marketing

A Glass Technologist, Interior Designer, Content Developer.

Bappa Al-Ameen

Bappa Al-Ameen

Head of Academy

A Geographer, Public Speaker, Content Developer.

Our Values

Our values denotes the degree of importance of things we do with the aim of determining what actions are best to do or to describe the significance of different actions


Our careful and persistent effort to meet more people who help point to new ways of thinking and possibilities creates a sense of respect and validates our own efforts.


The world is becoming a global village, all because of Networking. The people we meet, the services we render and get served wont be a success if we dont connect with new people we meet along the way.


Learning and growing has always been a key focus for us.

What We Do Best


Content Creation/Development

Social Media Management


Analytics and SEO

Web Development

Email Marketing


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