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Build new skills or work with the right instructors and comprehensive Modules. Here are some of the courses we offer.

Basic Graphic Design

  • You will have beginner to expert level knowledge of graphic design that you will immediately be able to apply to your career, job, hobby, or company.
  • You will be given a major overview of the most common graphic design programs and how you can use them to your advantage.
  • You will be given real-world, applicable projects that you can follow along with and practice.
  • You will achieve the experience and knowledge to take graphic design fundamentals and apply them in your everyday life.
  • You will learn how to create graphics, icons, symbols, branding, and more.
  • You will learn Adobe Illustrator, the best software on the market for vector graphics editing.


Motion Graphics

  • How to use all of After Effects CC – in a dynamic, hands on approach.
  • Work with the latest Responsive Design Techniques
  • Create Motion Graphics to enhance your videos using a step by step, easy-to-use method.
  • Boost your creativity by completing 50+ Practice Activities and projects from simple to complex.
  • Practice compositing techniques to achieve stunning video effects.
  • Master Visual Time Effects on Videos and Motion Graphics.
  • How to use specialized visual effects such Motion Tracking, Camera Tracking, Chromakeying, Rotoscoping, Stabilizing and many more…
  • Work in 3D space with Cameras, Lights and Shadows and practice your new skills with 3D Motion Graphics Projects.
  • How to Import and animate Illustrator Vector Graphics.
  • Create advanced Type Animation in 2D & 3D – cool stuff only in After Effects.
  • And much more for you to become an expert in Motion Graphics, Visual Effects and Compositing.


UI/UX Design

  • Bake UX into your workflow by following a proven, user centred design framework.
  • Plan field visits and user interviews to uncover user needs.
  • Moderate a usability test and prioritise the observations.
  • Create personas, user stories, red routes and user journey maps.
  • Uncover and describe users’ mental models.
  • Choose appropriate schemes for classifying and organising information.
  • Design and conduct online and offline card sorting sessions.
  • Select appropriate user interface design patterns.
  • Develop cheap, throwaway prototypes to get quick and frequent feedback from your users.
  • Create user interface designs that exploit universal principles of visual design.
  • Design usability tests to measure time on task, success rate and user satisfaction.
  • Evaluate the usability of systems by applying usability heuristics.
  • Prepare for the BCS Foundation Certificate in User Experience.

Not In Session

Web Development

  • Build websites and webapps
  • Build HTML-based mobile apps
  • Get a job as a junior web developer
  • Bid for projects on freelance websites
  • Start your own online business
  • Be a comfortable front-end developer
  • Be proficient with databases and server-side languages

Not In Session

Public Speaking

  • How to create core content, takeaways, titles and actionable tasks that makes your audience crave everything you say and motivates them to take action.
  • Stay calm and in control in front of every audience and overcome nervousness and anxiety when presenting…
  • Coordinate what you say and what your audience sees for a flawless delivery…
  • Entertain and amuse your audience in a style that’s true to you…
  • Make the audience feel safe, make them feel good and make them laugh…
  • Master your body language by taking a strong stance in the sweet spot, master eye contact and keep your body still when needed…
  • Identify the pain points and pleasure points of your audience and how your takeaways relieve the pain points and enhance pleasure points…
  • Organize your material to make it easy for you to deliver and for your audience to follow…
  • Read your audience for maximum impact so you can make all listeners feel your message is meant just for them…
  • Develop your core content by defining your tasks, solving the mysteries and keeping things simple…
  • Manage your pace and deliver a presentation that ends on time, every time…
  • Create and use visuals and pictures that make complex ideas clearer and more memorable by adding impact to your presentation…
  • Integrate your words, blueprint, handout and visuals to make a compelling final presentation product…
  • Elicit questions and provide answers even when you have none, and still making people feel safe to ask a questions…
  • Captivate your audience within the first 5 minutes by getting them to trust, believe and listen to you…
  • How to create a title for your presentation that motivates your audience to attend your presentation in the first place…
  • Persuade your audience with the words you choose by minimizing fillers, eliminating deceptive words and finding alternatives to negative or controlling words…
  • How to identify exactly what your audience wants to know (and why they want to know it)…(HINT: this lets you present the “how” you’re going to give it to them.)
  • Find your optimal pace, volume and tone of voice and master your inflections to create dynamic effects…
  • Create opening slides that assure your audience they are in the right place and reminds them what they are going to hear…
  • Speak with confidence and credibility and show audience members they can trust what you say…
  • Easily engage your audience and stay on topic so their minds never wander with recall questions, leading questions, relevance questions and expertise questions….
  • Use the “agree and see if you’re right” technique to address every learning style…
  • Remain in charge no matter what’s happening by rewarding only positive behaviors…
  • The exact steps to make your takeaways specific and actionable in seven words or less…
  • Show your presentation was worthwhile and move your audience to respond with enthusiasm…

Not In Session


  • You will know how to take amazing photos that impress your family and friends
  • You will know how the camera truly works, so you can take better photos using manual settings
  • You will know how to photograph in different scenarios like family portraits, landscapes, aerial, product, wildlife, and much more
  • You will know how to compose images beautifully with basic photography rules
  • You will know how to light your subjects with flash and natural lighting
  • You will know how to edit your photos like a professional
  • You will know how to make money with photography
  • You will know how to take better photos with your smart phones

Not In Session


  • Grow a Business Online From Scratch
  • Make Money as an Affiliate Marketer
  • Land a High-Paying Job in Digital Marketing
  • Work From Home as a Freelance Marketer


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